This list of ten plants with either black flowers or foliage has been created to give inspiration to people who would like to add a touch of drama to their garden. Including a few black plants in a border full of color will provide a striking contrast to add to the effect. This list comes from an article which I found on the Top Inspired website.

Have you ever thought about adding some drama into your garden by adding plants with black foliage or black flowers? All you need to do is google ?black garden? and you will instantly fall in love with the uniqueness and beauty of these specific black or almost black plants. They are perfect for creating a striking contrast in your garden, paired with bright colored plants. You can choose from many varieties, from annual flowers to perennials and succulents. Take a look at these 10 black plants and flowers we have chosen as most suitable for adding a?dark touch to your garden and choose your favorites.?

1.Black Velvet petunia

Top 10 Black Plants and Flowers to Add Drama to Your Garden
The world?s first black petunia is so mesmerizing you will instantly want to have it in your garden! It was introduced few years ago by?Ball Horticulture Co. and became one of the most wanted container plants. This velvety gorgeousness thrives in a sunny location and looks fabulous paired with some bright blooms, creating a perfect contrast.

2.?Tulip ?Queen of Night?

Top 10 Black Plants and Flowers to Add Drama to Your Garden
This dramatic tulip is truly ?almost? black. Its deep maroon color will make a beautiful addition to your garden. As any tulip, it is very easy to grow and very low maintenance so don?t be afraid to grow it even if you are a beginner. It is a cold hardy plant that?blooms in mid or late spring under USDA Zones 3 to 8. Pair it with some white tulips for an astonishing view.

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