For some people the lawn is their pride and joy upon which they lavish tender care to keep it looking absolutely perfect. For them mowing is just part of the ritual, but for others cutting the grass is a tedious chore. If you are one of the latter then you may like to consider converting your grass into a No Mow lawn. I found the instructions in an article by Bonnie L. Grant over on the Gardening Know How website.

One of the chores that the homeowner must do is to mow the lawn. This tedious task helps form a healthy and beautiful turf but is time consuming. A perfect solution is a no mow lawn. What is a no mow lawn? It is just what it says, a lawn which is virtually maintenance free and still provides lovely green landscape coverage.

What is a No Mow Lawn?

No mow lawns are mixtures of three species of fine fescue. Fescues are hardy plants with visual appeal and require little specialized care. They can provide solutions for moisture conservation, natural habitat, soil amendment and reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides.
Green grass
Fescue is a perennial cool season grass, of which several species are useful as low-growing plants with a clumping and spreading character. Their easy nature means no mow lawn care is minimal and highly environmentally friendly.
Creating a no mow lawn with the new seed mixes is similar to building a seeded grass type lawn. The idea is appealing for its low maintenance but also supplies sustainable turf plants which require fewer resources than traditional turf grasses. Try the new no mow lawn ideas in your garden for care free beauty.

Creating a No Mow Lawn

As with any turf project, it is necessary to prepare the site correctly prior to planting. Once you have the area prepared, you need to choose the variety of no mow fescue that is appropriate for your needs.

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