One of the more tiresome jobs in the garden is removing weeds from the cracks between paving slabs and cobbles. Either you spend time on your knees poking them out or you try a branded weedkiller which is both expensive and not always effective. A couple of years ago Courtenay whose article I found on her Creek Line House website discovered that common salt makes a most effective weedkiller.

Well, here we are. Another Summer, another chance to try to do a little better job of keeping our huge yard a little more presentable. In the name of honesty, I have to tell you that every year we start out pretty well and then end up failing miserably by the end of the season. We do get a little better every year and we always learn a thing or two!
A couple of years ago, I shared with you the discovery that salt can be great to kill and prevent weeds in driveways and walkways. There are a lot of different ways that you can control your weeds without using harsh chemicals, but I have to say that salt has become my favorite for our particular weed problems. I thought today I?d do a little follow up on that post from a couple of years ago and share with you some of the things that I?ve learned that really make a difference if you decide to try the salt method too.
We live in an open area where seeds from every weed known to man can blow in and land somewhere on our property. We have weeds hiding pretty much everywhere and of course tons of weeds and wildflowers ?growing along the banks of the creeks. Getting rid of the weeds altogether is just not an option. The biggest problem for us is when we get weeds growing in between the bricks on our walkway or driveway. That can lead to our house starting to look a little bit abandoned and it drives me crazy! The worst part is that we often go for weeks without really having any time to dedicate to yard work at all and things just kind of snowball from there. This year I decided to take what little time I do have to dedicate to yard work and try to mostly focus on learning how to keep the walkway weed free. Guess what? ?I?ve actually been almost completely successful at it so far and it?s really making a difference with how our house looks when you pull up into the driveway. Here?s how I did it!

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