I have to confess that sharpening scissors or shears has been a skill that I have never mastered. I have tried several different gadgets, but none has really worked for me. Luckily this has not been a problem since a new pruner keeps its edge for a long time with the amount of pruning that I do. That is not good enough for Mike McGroarty who is a professional nurseryman and so needs to keep his tools in tip top condition as he explains in this article which I found on Mike’s Backyard Nursery website.

Before we dig into the nitty gritty of this article, let?s have a chat about which pruning shears are best.? The answer to that is simple, it really depends on what you like.? I will give you my opinion and why, but others will argue telling that they like another brand for a lot of different reasons.? In short, you have to decide which ones you like the best.
I just turned 60 and I?ve been doing this stuff since the age of 16, so it?s fair to say that I?ve held and used a lot of different kinds of pruning shears.? Different sizes, different shapes, different brands.? Without a doubt, the pair that I am absolutely the most comfortable with are the ones pictured above.? They are the Corona BP 3130.? They usually cost about $18.00 per pair.
Corona BP 3130 Shears, 7.5" long.

Why do I like them so much?

  1. ?They are relatively small and easy to handle.?? 7?? long is a nice comfortable size.
  2. ?They are the perfect size for carrying in the Front Pocket of My bibs as You Can See Here.
  3. ?They are a by-pass type of shear, not an anvil shear.
  4. ?They are sharp and stay sharp for a long time.
  5. ?They put up with a lot of abuse.? Since they are the only tool I have in my pocket all of the time I end up using?? them for all kinds of things that I shouldn?t.? But they hold up to it quite well.
  6. ?They are affordable.? Some shears cost two, three or four times as much? And quiet honestly?? I?ve tried them and I don?t like them as well as the Corona BP 3130.
  7. ?They are perfect for the type of pruning that I do and for making cuttings which I do a lot of.
  8. ?After all of these years, and many, many pair of shears, these are my favorite?? Any other shears feels like a ?foreign object? in my hand.
  9. ? If I lose them or accidentally leave them outside, or somebody else leaves them outside, I?m out $18.00 not $75.00 or $100.00.

Corona by-pass pruning shear.
Keep in mind, these are my ?everyday shears?.? If I?m going to spend a lot time pruning trees or something like that I might opt for a pair of Coronas that are larger.? I do have some larger Cornona?s but I rarely use them because I just don?t like them.

See more including a video demonstration at Mike’s Backyard Nursery

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