The Open Day for this secret garden is everyday because you able to make a virtual visit. To visit the actual garden you would need to contact the owner. The garden was created by Stacy Risenmay and was inspired in part by her childhood memory of reading the book The Secret Garden. I found her article titled “Welcome to my secret garden” over on her Not Just a Housewife blog.

There were several books from my childhood that affected my view on life and how I wanted my home to be when I grew up. One of them was?a book titled?Mandy, and anther was The Secret Garden.? I have always wanted a space that was all mine. A space that maybe didn?t function as any thing other than a retreat and a place to image and dream.
As a child I would run an extension cord to the linen closet and climb up the shelves to sit at the top and read. I also built many make shift forts on our property. But now as an adult, I have a much better place?..
Welcome to my secret Garden.
a secrt garden
This garden took almost 4 months to create. Not only do I have 4 small children, but I was at the mercy of mother nature. If it rained, I was out of luck that day. Also, I do a lot of my projects at night.This one however, could not be done at night. Plus, I had to built the fence on two sides. It was harder to get finished that any other ?room? I have ever done.
Here is a reminder of what the area looked like before:

Let?s pan around and get a 360 degree tour, shall we? When you first open the door the flagstone path leads you to the bench.

– See more at: Not Just A Housewife
Image source: jwyg

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