A weed is often described as a plant that is growing in the wrong place, but in this case the weed is in the name since Milkweed is one of the best perennial plants for any garden. Apart from its fragrant flowers it attracts butterflies and bees as well as being a host plant for Monarchs. To learn more about this amazing perennial plant read the article by Benjamin Vogt which I found over on the Houzz website.

Quit cringing. This not-weed plant is a sight to behold in the garden, has a delicious vanilla scent and is a magnet for butterflies

One of the very best perennials to have in your garden is milkweed. I know that when most people hear the name, they cringe, grimace or turn up their nose, saying, “But isn’t that a weed?” No, not really. And if it helps, we can call it wilkmeed. A magnet for insects, particularly butterflies and nonstinging bees, it is also a host plant for the monarch butterfly ? a summer standby whose numbers are quickly dwindling as more farms and new housing developments are built, and more chemicals are being sprayed. Not only is milkweed a neat landscape plant from a design perspective, but it’s also a hub for wildlife. A win-win!

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  1. Since half the Monarch population is gone everyone that can – needs to plant more Monarch habitats. Milkweed is a start,but they enjoy many other nectar plants also.

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