The November Garden and the Many Shades of Brown

November is one of those dark and dank months and many of the colors in the garden reflect this with shades of brown. And the color brown is often regarded as dull and boring, but when you take a closer look you will discover that nature provides a surprising ability to make these shades entirely fascinating. This article by Lee which I found on the Landscape Design By Lee website explains.

I’ve recently met a group of wonderful bloggers with vast knowledge on a variety of topics dealing with the home and garden. The bloggers are from Project Beautiful and each month the participants all focus on a color theme in a meme called?#PBColorOurWorld.?As you may of guessed by the title, this month’s theme is brown.
?As a designer and avid gardener, I have developed a deep appreciation for all the changes that take place in the garden and for what nature has to offer throughout the entire year. The garden can be beautiful, even after the prime of autumn, when shades of brown become more prominent throughout the landscape. For this meme, I have ventured out into the garden with my macro lens to get a close-up view of the many shades of brown that come my way!
Multi-colored leaves grace the landscape.
As hostas fade, the edges of once vibrant green leaves turn to shades of yellow then brown. ?Even though they are going dormant for winter, there is much beauty there.
Here are the dried seed heads of Sedum ‘Brilliant’…