No home would be complete at this time of year without its Christmas tree. Trees have been decorated throughout history as Barb Larson explains in his article which I found at the University of Wisconsin website. Barb traces the history and folklore of the Christmas tree and reveals the secrets hidden in fir needles and pinecones.

I think the lore and symbolism of plants is fascinating. On this Christmas Day let?s look the history and legend of the Christmas tree.
Decorated trees can be traced back to the ancient Roman winter festival of Saturnalia.? Trees were ornamented with pieces of metal in honor of Saturn the god of agriculture.
During the middle ages, the Paradise Tree, which symbolized man?s fall and salvation, became popular in churches and upper class homes.? Fir trees were hung with apples symbolizing man?s fall, small white wafers representing Holy Eucharist, and sweets symbolizing the sweetness of redemption.
After observing the beauty of stars winking through the trees in an evergreen forest one night in the sixteenth century, Martin Luther added candles to the Christmas tree.

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Image source: Russell James Smith