The Easy Way To Deal With Squirrels And Slugs

Two of the most annoying garden pests are squirrels and slugs. While one delights in digging up bulbs and other plants to see if they also have bulbs they can eat, the other just eats anything green. At least squirrels look cute, but the same cannot be said for the slug. The remedies suggested here come from articles by Jordan which I found on The2Seasons website.

I am sure you have heard that the only difference between a squirrel and a rat is that a squirrel has a better public relations team.? Even though some people might think they are cute, there are a few living in the trees around my yard that are driving. me. crazy.? Having a dog doesn?t even keep them away.? I think she would actually share a bone with them.? After fighting her own battle against squirrels in Lexington, my mom has come up with a simple way to keep them out of her planters.? All you need to do is use pepper flakes to keep squirrels out of your planters.
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How simple is that?? The other great things about this tip is that it is cheap, easy, eco-friendly, and somewhat humane.? After all, if a squirrel happens to like hot foods, then we have done a good deed.
We have an easy and successful way to permanently eliminate slugs from ruining your gardens. ?It involves the use of one product and is safe and non-toxic. ?A while back I wrote about building a square foot garden for the side of our house. ?You can read about that here.?While the garden was trying to grow and thrive, we were being inundated with a little pest that was causing big problems.

Here is a current view of our garden. ?We are thrilled with how much is growing especially since we started a lot of these veggies and herbs from seeds inside.

See more at The2Seasons and this link for the squirrels


  1. For slugs just save your eggshells. Crush and scatter them around the perimeter of the plant. Slugs don’t like how the eggshells feel against their bellies!

  2. Betty Neeleysays:

    I heard that Irish Spring bars cut in slivers kept rats away, so since squirrels are only pretty rats, I thought, “Why not?” It has worked so far, but nothing lasts long with the little pretty things, right?
    Might have to try the pepper idea, but I did try cayenne and they rolled in it… *@#%^*

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