The Best Plants For A Bee Friendly Garden

Over the last few years there has been a dramatic decline in the bee population. This has been caused by a number of reasons including disease and loss of habitat. Bees are essential to the health of the landscape since without pollination crops will fail. So gardeners are encouraged to grow plants to attract and feed the bees. I came across an article by Mandy Cabrera on the Ecophiles website which describes the best flowers to grow for bees.

There is a startling epidemic lately in the decrease of the bee populace. Bees play the vital role of pollination, so how can we set up a garden that is bee-friendly??To help with this issue in your local community and/or garden, here are some plants that are known to attract more bees to the area. With these gardening tips, you?re sure to end up with a buzzing patch that helps save our bees.

Finding Native Flowers

The first step of the planting process is to find which flowers are native to your designated area. Using flowers the bees in your community can?adapt?to is the best way to further attract them ? and these gardening tips will prove to be very handy.
For example, plants that are friendly to bees in Florida would be those?like sunflowers or thyme. However, in Colorado, which has?a different climate and altitude, alfalfa flowers and basil are one of the many recommended plants for bee preservation. It?s best to research the plants that are beneficial to your area to avoid possibly causing unintentional damage to both the bees and your environment.

Snowdrops - gardening tips

The best time to plant snowdrops is in early fall. Photo: ulleo via Pixabay

Planting in Season

Another important factor to consider ? if you want to plant these flowers to properly provide for bees, see what flowers work for each season. There is?a variety of plant life that can be in season from the beginning of early spring, all the way to as late in the year as early fall. Because of this, it?s especially important to note what flowers thrive in which season. There are exceptions, and the timeframe is not nearly as strict, but it?s better to be safe than sorry. See these gardening tips?below for?plants that fall into each category for the seasons, and how bees are bound to thrive and pollinate.

zinnias gardening tips

Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow. Photo: jewelsofawe via Pixabay


Poppy ? Poppies can be planted as soon the ground becomes warm and soft in spring. They are tolerant of many soil types, as long it?s well drained. Because they are easy to care for, this can be planted by even the most novice of gardeners, and they are a very popular flower found in gardens. Their vibrant colour is also sure to catch the eye of any winged?friend buzzing around!

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