The A To Z Of Easy-To-Grow Perennials

The A To Z Of Easy-To-Grow Perennials

All the perennial flowers on this list enjoy sunny conditions and so will be ideal for all parts of the garden other than deep shade. The thirty-one attractive plants are arranged in alphabetical order starting with Azalea which also heralds the spring. There is no entry for X but Yarrow and Zephyranthes complete the list. I came across this in an article By Danielle McLeod which I found on the Backyard Boss website.

Have a sunny, dry area that would look great loaded with flowers, but you are unsure what could survive there? ?Look no further, a huge selection of blooming perennials that are both sun loving, and heat tolerant are readily available for you to choose from to fill that space.
Living in Southeastern New Mexico, I am constantly looking for plants to bring life and color to my yard, and have found a lively selection to add to my many sunny garden beds. ?Read on to keep your garden in bloom from early spring through frost with our A-Z collection of flowers below.

#1 Azalea: Spring Blooms Kick Your Season Off

Heat tolerant, cold hardy, and evergreen, not much can stop these beautiful woody plants that add year-round interest in just about any climate. Pick the color of your choice, and watch them bloom in mid-spring and again mid to late summer for many varieties!

#2 Agastache: Bring in the Hummingbirds

Multi-colored, long flower spikes bloom all summer and into fall, attracting a bountiful of both hummingbirds and butterflies! Disease and pest resistant, these make a beautiful, hardy backdrop for any garden or walkway.

#3 Blanket Flower: A Variety to Choose From

Choose from a variety of red, yellow, and orange hues to brighten up your garden! Native to many Southwestern areas, these plants will grow prolifically in almost every zone, and are easy to separate for controlled transplanting. Blooms last for months through the summer and well into fall.

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