29. Magnolia

most beautiful flowers in the world
When it comes down to the most beautiful flowers in the world, Magnolia often makes it up. There are over 200 species of Magnolia & is known to have existed since 95-million years. This flower is named after a popular French botanist named ?Pierre Magnol?. It has a great fragrance and is a sign of femininity. Many women prefer even Magnolia perfumes.

28. Chrysanthemum

beautiful flowers pictures
This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Adorably called crysanths or mums, Chrysanthemum is been named after linking 2 Greek words ? chyros (gold) & anthemon (flower). This wonderful flower belongs to Asterceae family & comes in varied shades like white, pink and yellow. These are native to Northeastern European and Asian countries. This intricate huge flower can grow about 50 to 150-cm long.

27. Hydrangea

pictures of beautiful flowers
Doesn?t its blue petals look splendid? This is truly nature?s most beautiful flower in the world. It is called ?Hydrangea?.? It comes from genus of over 70-flowering plants and is native to America, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia. You will be interested in reading the fact that ?Faial Island? in Portugal was rechristened to ?The Blue Island?, only because it had lot of Hydrangeas on it.
Hydrangea basically come in 2 types

  • Mophead
  • Lacecap

Lacecap = These kinds of hydrangeas are usually round
Mophead = These kinds of hydrangeas have flat heads, subdued by glorious similitude
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