Is this the definitive list of the thirty-five most beautiful flowers in the world? By no means, it is a selection chosen by Magazine8 which mostly publishes lists of eight. Examples are “Top 8 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Roses”, “Top 8 Worst Dog Breeds That Are Hard To Deal With” and “8 Real Life Cats That Look Like Leopards”. But they could hardly restrict the world’s most beautiful flowers to just eight. The list is arranged in count down fashion starting with number thirty-five which is daffodils. See if you agree with their choice.

To pick the best amongst the beautiful things from Mother Nature is like selecting one of the 5 elements we humans are made of. Now talking about Nature?s one of the most magnificent things ? ?flowers?, I don?t think there is something so elegant and peaceful on this earth.
If you were given a chance to pick the prettiest among the list of most beautiful flowers in the world, which one would you prefer? It might be too hard for you to pick one since every flower is beautiful on its own. Though there are many wonderful flowers in the world, today I am going to list you the top 35. If you know any other flower prettier than these, feel free to tell us through comments.
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35 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Have you heard this saying ? ?Flowers are one of the sweetest gifts ever made by god & forgot to drop a soul in it???? Even though there are different types of flowers in the world, I am going to list you few best ones known for its beauty. I will start listing the pictures of beautiful flowers in reverse chronological order, so that you will be curious to see, which occupied the top positions. However, if you cannot wait to see, which flower has topped my list, just scroll down and click the last page?

35. Daffodils

prettiest flowers in the world
Daffodils are usually long stemmed, golden-yellow flowers that bloom in spring. In England, they are more familiar with the name jonquils. Daffodils symbolize freshness. Once decorated in the house, they tend to bring hope and encouragement to any grieving or sad person. These pretty flowers have many meanings to it. It mainly stands for forgiveness, forthrightness and honesty.

34. Sweet Pea

beautiful flowers in the world
Sweet pea is yet another most beautiful flower with a delicate and sweet scent. It is widely used in cosmetics. Henry Eckford discovered & promoted this small flower. It symbolizes thanks and heavenly pleasure.

33. Lavender

Meet the most expensive flower that is used by many most chefs around the world ? Lavender. These flowers are spiky with elegant stems and multiple florets. They come in various colors like blue, violet and light purple. They are pretty popular for their smell, appearance and size. These beautiful flowers represents silence, luck, devotion and purity.
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