The 10 First Steps When Taking On A New Garden

If you have moved to a new house and are faced with a bare plot or an established garden that you want to make your own there are a number of essential steps to take before you can start gardening proper. These start with taking a good look to see what is there and where there are existing plants making a record. Many of the steps may seem obvious, but this is a useful aide memoire which comes from an article by Susan Tweit which I found on the Houzz website.

You?ve moved to a new place, and you?re already imagining what you?re going to do to improve the outdoor space. Maybe it?s a new development, offering a blank canvas, or perhaps it?s already been landscaped. Here are ideas to help you bring your gardening aesthetic to the new space in a way that works with the site, its existing design and any established plantings, and won?t cost an arm and a leg.
by Susan J Tweit
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Feature photo: Susan J Tweit