We are always being told that we should eat more fruit so it surely makes sense to grow our own in the garden. Apart from saving the cost of buying from the store fruit that you pick from a bush or plant in the garden will be fresher than any you could buy. And it doesn’t have to be difficult as Amy Grant explains in her article which I found over on the Gardening Know How website. Read on to find out which are her top ten easy to grow fruits.

Even if you don?t have the greenest of thumbs, there are at least ten easy-to-grow fruits that you can incorporate in your landscape. ?Easy to grow? doesn?t mean that you can completely ignore the plants, but it does mean they will require limited maintenance. Remember, all fruiting plants need to be planted in well-draining, nutrient rich soil in an area with lots of sun. You may have to prune them, spray them with fungicide, fertilize them and, at the very least, water them; but the following fruiting plants are fairly low key options for the novice gardener. So, without further ado and channeling David Letterman, the top 10 easiest fruits to grow are:
1. Strawberries ? Summer just isn?t summer without strawberry shortcake. The great news is that strawberries are so easy to grow you can have a freshly harvested supply on hand. They can be grown in containers or even hanging baskets and, of course, thrive planted directly into the garden.
2. Blueberries ? Once the strawberries have all been harvested, it?s time to harvest the blueberries, which will be ready late July to August. Their only caveat is that they like acidic soil, but other than that, blueberries are low maintenance and will fruit prolifically after about 3 years.

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