This should really have been posted yesterday, but I did not find it until today. But it’s still the weekend so a quiz is a great way to spend a few minutes. There are forty questions with topics ranging from Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland to practical questions on when to plant tulips. The quiz is the brainchild of Steve Whysall and comes from The Vancouver Sun.

Don?t you just love playing games on Boxing Day. Monopoly. Clue. Pictionary. Scrabble. Hungry Hippo. Connect Four. Monty?s Maze.
This is the day for board games and jigsaw puzzles and fun times doing fun things together with family and friends.
Video games are probably the new order of the day, but there?s still a place for traditional favourites like the old-fashioned Q&A.
For gardeners (friends and family) here?s a short quiz to amuse, entertain and stimulate. From puzzling to challenging, these 40 questions will test your knowledge of all things horticultural.
Do the quiz on your own or gather others around and work at it together to see who knows what.
Good luck. Have fun.
1. What item of clothing did Peter Rabbit lose when Mr. McGregor chased him out of his garden?
2. The Monkey Puzzle tree is native to which two neighbouring countries in South America?
3. In which city is the famous Chelsea Flower Show held every May?
4. Complete this song lyric: ?When it?s spring again, I?ll bring again . . . . . from Amsterdam.?
5. In Alice in Wonderland, what colour were the Queen of Hearts? soldiers painting the roses?
6. What was the real first name of the great British landscape gardener Capability Brown?
7. What is the name given to the art of clipping trees and hedges into decorative shapes?

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Image Source: Rag-Lehcim