This is the Dubai Miracle Garden which is described on the Chasing a Dash blog that I stumbled upon. The blogger calls herself a free spirit, ready to take the world, lover of food and a wanderer by heart. Also not a flower lover and so she wonders why she is going to the Miracle Garden. But then she discovers a virtual disneyland in flowers.

To be honest I am not a fan of flowers and bouquets.. ?Not that I haven?t received any, believe me I got bunch. ?We have different likes and not-so-like it?s just happens that I?m not into it.. The first word that pop out in my head when my friend told me we are going to the Miracle Garden is ? WHAT! What are we going to do there? Stare at those colorful plants and what? Take pictures? Cmon, let?s do something out of ordinary like bungee jumping or paintball, or mountain climbing or skydiving that for sure rocks!?
The next thing I know we were on our way. I was actually curious what?s the fuss all about, coz all i know is that we are going to a garden with bunch of flowers and ornaments?
The sun was up and it was still pretty humid. We bought ticket cost 30 dhms.
I don?t like flowers but I definitely love the place. The garden was beautiful. Paradise.
Getting lost in this kind of scene is never dull.

Wandering around with astonishment. Flowers have this relaxing good vibes feeling once you laid your eyes on them..

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