Enjoy a virtual tour with lots of great pictures of this interesting garden. Unfortunately a virtual tour cannot include the sound of birdsong, the fragrance of the flowers or the taste of the delicious herb jellies, but even so it’s well worth a look. Your guide on the tour is Christine Salins whose article I came across on the Food Wine Travel website.

One hour?s drive from Halifax, in the fertile Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Tangled Garden is a delight for all the senses. See the garden in all its glory, hear the birds chirping in the trees, feel the warmth on your skin (on a gorgeous day like the day I visited), smell the fragrant blooms, taste the delicious herb jellies in flavours such as rose petal, raspberry and lavender.
The Tangled Garden created by Beverly McClure in Nova Scotia.
Beverly McClure has created this garden of Eden over two decades, a labour of love that began with the purchase of a one acre ?handyman special? in the historic Grand Pr? area of Canada?s Nova Scotia. The property has expanded, both in size and in embellishments. As well as a home, it now features a herb garden, labyrinth, and production kitchen where the jellies are made and sold.
The Tangled Garden created by Beverly McClure in Nova Scotia.
I spoke briefly to Beverly during my visit ? you?ll see her in one of the pictures below ? and she told me there was virtually nothing on the site when she moved there. Today, it?s a delightfully rambling garden where couples like to get married and visitors like me enjoy wandering the paths, smelling the flowers, getting lost in the labyrinth, licking on an icecream (choose from chocolate mint, lemon thyme, rose petal and boozy pops). The rose petal icecream is divine.

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