Take A Peek Into The Little Stonehouse Garden

This is a rare chance to see what a wholesale nursery business owner grows in her own garden. Carrie Brandow took over the business started by her parents in 1967 although growing plants for a living was not her original intention. But growing up in a greenhouse environment led her in that direction. Carrie loves making plant combinations and seeing how they work together as you will discover from this article by Jennifer Connell which I found on the Three Dogs In A Garden website.

Most people try to avoid bringing their work home with them, but for Carrie Brandow, some of the plants she grows for a wholesale nursery business happily come home with her to fill her summer planters and enhance her garden’s flowerbeds.
Even so, there is a big difference between her day job and playing with plant combinations at home.?“Gardening is different from working in the mass growing and selling. ?It’s peaceful and it is mine without caring what anyone else wants,” she continues.

Having a ready supply of annuals gives Carrie’s garden a distinctive style and a definite flamboyance. Great drifts of annuals are not something you often see in a private garden.
Their growing lives are short, so annuals give a single gardening season everything they’ve got. With the right care, they provide ongoing color in a way that slow and steady perennials never can.
The red flower is Nemisa ‘Nesia Burgundy’ and low growing annual by the mushrooms is Oxalis Burgundy.
1.?Maiden grass, Miscanthus?2. Bearded Iris?3.?Baby’s Breath, Gypsophila?4.?Red Hot Poker, Kniphofia 5. Delphinium 6. Oriental Poppy, Papaver orientale 7. Lilies 8. Hollyhocks, Alcea rosea?9. Sedum


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