This is nothing personal just a suggestion for people who have only a small yard or balcony. When space is at a premium you can extend the planting area by growing vertically. This is a list of twelve ways you can make a vertical garden. As with many of these ideas some are more practical than others. For instance I am not too keen on number one with its use of chicken wire, nor do I think that I would take the time to erect the flying bottles. However I really like number eight. I found the list on the Fantastic Viewpoint website.

There?s nothing better than growing your own herbs, flowers and vegetables. Whether you have a small yard or no yard at all, vertical gardens help maximize the space you do have as well as make it possible to garden indoors. Here you have a collection of 12 superb DIY vertical gardening projects that add more?creativity to your life using anything from pallets, chicken wire, cinder blocks etc. to plastic bottles.
1. Chicken Wire Wall To Hang?Terracotta Planters
Why to put the planters on the ground when you can use chicken wire and hang the terracotta planters on it to displey them the best possible way and to make a special garden addition.
creative vertical garden in backyard 12 Ideas Which Materials to Use to Make A Vertical Garden

2. Plastic Bottles Floating Planters
Plant some flowers into plastic bottles and hang them in the garden on a wooden beam for creating your own DIY vertical garden.
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3. Mount Terracotta Planters On Wooden Strips
Nail some wooden strips on the wall at different height and mount some terracotta planters on them to create the most unique vertical garden and dress up the bare wall at home.

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