Stones That Grow And Even Produce Flowers

This is all about a type of succulents known as lithops which are commonly called living stones from their resemblance to pebbles. In fact in one of the photos you may struggle to distinguish between the lithops and the real stones. That said they are distinctive plants with interesting markings which are claimed to be the new gardening trend. These lithops are described with tips on how to care for them in an article which I found on the Karmastream website.

If you are a plant lover, then your garden must look like a paradise. New ideas for your garden are always welcomed. Have you heard about living stones? They can be excellent decor for your garden, or even indoors. Read on and find out more about living stones and how to grow them!


What is lithop?

Lithops are also called living stones because of their shape. They belong to the family of succulents. These plants like dry soil and hot temperatures. They are so easy to be grown, so that?s why they can become your favorite. Also known as mimicry plants, pebble plants and flowering stones, these ones amaze us with their look.

When it comes to planting lithops, there are a few things that you should consider. They require cactus mix or potting soil with sand. Light is so important. Lithops need to be placed in front of a window for optimum light entry. If you want to grow them, you better plants starts. If you grow them from seed it will take too long. ?The process can take up to a few years.

Care for lithops

They do not require so much attention. You need to remember their living conditions and try to mimic them . These plants do not like much water. From fall to spring they don?t need to be watered. It is good from time to time if you fertilize them. Lithops do not have problems with any pests.

Seems like lithops are the new succulents! They look so cute. ?You can find different colors of them. Some may even bloom. These are some of the reasons why you should get them for your home. Check out these wonderful small gardens and create your own one!

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