Spring Would Not Have Sprung Without Daffodils

Spring Would Not Have Sprung Without Daffodils

While snowdrops and crocus may arrive sooner daffodils are the real harbinger of spring. With their range of shades of yellow, white and even orange daffodils are an essential feature of the spring garden. And as Melinda Myers reminds us in her article which I found on the Longfields Gardens website “There’s always room for daffodils”.

Daffodils are probably my favorite spring flowering bulbs. Their cheery color, animal resistance and versatility makes it?easy to incorporate them into any size landscape. Plus, the variety of bloom times gives?you?flowers for the entire spring season.

There's Always Room for Daffodils - Longfield Gardens

Begin?in the Front Yard

Welcome friends and neighbors to your home with a colorful display of daffodils. Planting bulbs near your front door will lift?the spirits of everyone who passes by. You can start with just a few bulbs, and as they?multiply your home will?become known for its beautiful display of daffodils.
When I was gardening on a small city lot, I used midseason daffodil varieties in a shady spot along the front of my house. The bed also included?hostas and Virginia blue bells. As the daffodils and Virginia blue bells faded, the emerging hosta leaves helped mask the declining foliage. I also like to combine daffodils with daylilies since the?foliage is similar and both plants are equally assertive.
Welcome spring and your letter carrier by planting a few early-blooming daffodils around your mailbox. It will make collecting the mail (bills and all) a highpoint of the day. Add a few perennials to the area to keep the living welcome mat blooming throughout the growing season.
Enliven forlorn or forgotten places such as the?strip of land between the sidewalk and the road. Over time, the bulbs will?make themselves at home and spread throughout the area. Choose?varieties that are good for naturalizing, such as Dutch Master and Ice Follies. Or add variety by planting an assortment. You will enjoy the?colorful welcome and passers-by will appreciate?the garden you created just for them.

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