Growing peaches and nectarines doesn’t have involve a large tree. It is perfectly possible to grow these fruits in a container which can be placed so that you can enjoy the blossom in Spring and then harvest the fruit when it has ripened. I found an article by Fern on the Life on the Balcony website which explains how to choose a suitable variety and includes tips on care.

I have had a peach tree growing in a pot for two and half years. It is one of my absolute favorite edible plants to grow, because the results are so juicy, and tasty! Peaches that are sold at supermarkets don?t even begin to compare to the taste of homegrown, tree-ripened fruit. I guarantee you will enjoy growing and eating peaches (or nectarines, which are essentially fuzz-free peaches) as much as I do. Here?s a nudge a right direction?

When and Where

If you order a bare root tree (a tree that is sold without soil around it?s roots) from a catalog or from a website, the grower will ship your tree at the right time to plant it in your area. If you want to purchase a bare root tree from a local nursery, start looking for them at the end of winter or early spring. A tree that is already growing in a nursery pot can be purchased and planted at any time, except for the height of summer.
As far as the ?where? goes, you need a spot with full-sun, and preferably protection from harsh, cold winds. Just a reminder, full-sun means 6 or more hours of sunlight shining directly on the tree, without any obstructions interfering with the light (like tree branches).
Choosing the Right Tree
The first thing to know about peaches and nectarines is that, unlike apples, there is no dwarf rootstock to keep your tree small. However, trees that naturally maintain their dwarf stature have been developed. They?re called ?natural dwarfs? and produce full size fruit on trees that max out in height at 6 feet. In a container, they are likely to stay even shorter.
Genetic dwarf peaches and nectarines
El Dorado (peach) ? Nice yellow flesh, rich flavor, produces fruit early in the season.
Honey Babe (peach) ? Has really great flavor. Needs a cross-pollinator that is also a genetic dwarf.
Nectar Babe (nectarine) ? Has awesome dark red skin, yellow flesh, and good flavor. (good pollinator for Honey Babe)
Necta Zee (nectarine) ? Medium sized fruit have flavorful, yellow flash.

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  1. I have a dwarf peach tree that has gotten out of hand, I live in zone 6 . When can I prune it? Also I had leaf curl last year when and with what should I spray it with? Thanks in antisapation of an answer

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