If you want a change from the usual planter arrangements, why not try laying the pot on its side so that the flowers spill out sideways to give a new and original look. I found this collection of ten upended containers over at the Garden Lovers Club website. If you think that the spilled milk churn would be too much of a good thing for your garden just wait until you see number five.

Water features are soothing, but can be expensive to purchase or DIY. So how do you get the appearance of a constantly flowing water feature without the moisture, price tag, or mess?
Create a spilling planter! These are decorative garden displays that use flowing patterns or vines to simulate water flowing out of an overturned planter, urn, or other vessel.
Some smaller, tabletop displays can feature flowing vines to simulate water spilling over the top or out of the spout. Other larger urns, barrels, or planters can be turned on their side and partially buried in the garden or filled with soil to allow small flowering plants or ground cover to grow.
The flowering plants are then planted in an arrangement to simulate a spreading puddle of spilled water or another liquid.
The sky?s the limit when it comes to creating your own spilled flower garden, since you can choose to emulate an existing natural structure, or simply create one straight from your imagination.
We?ve found some of the most attractive and creative versions of this decorative trick, and we hope you?ll be inspired to tackle a similar project on your own!

To see the full list visit the Garden Lovers Club
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