She Sheds Are Going Viral

She Sheds Are Going Viral

This must be true since this is the second time in a few weeks that I have come across an article with a selection of these She Sheds. Apparently these are now popping up in gardens all over the place and the traditional toolshed or man cave as it is dismissively known is very much old hat. This article by Kathy Woodard which comes from The Garden Glove website describes eight she sheds and some great tips on how to build one of your own.

So enough with the man caves already. Really? It took this long for the tide to turn and the woman of the house to get a shot at a little autonomy and peace? No matter how long it took, She Sheds are going viral, and they are so much cuter than a silly man cave anyway. (Cue ?We Are the Champions?.) Seriously, your own space, and in the garden to boot? Let?s face it. We ladies deserve this. And guess what? You can have one! That?s right ladies, conjure up all those images in your mind you have for your Barbie dream house grown up version, and get to plannin?. And don?t forget to plan for a lock on the door. 🙂 These she shed DIY tutorials and inspiring ideas will have you creating a space where you can finally have all the pillows you want, and no one throws them on the floor. Our first DIY she shed is from Kristen at ?Ella Claire Inspired?. I am actually really glad I don?t have this she shed. If I did, I would never go inside my real home, never work again, and probably rarely see my family! (But I would get a LOT of books read!) She made this from a pre-fab shed from Home Depot, and some really amazing styling skills. Read through her whole post, she has lots of little DIY tutorials on how she pulled off that amazing interior. Oh, and the books! Kristen, can I come over and play?

This coastal style she shed from Danielle (and her husband) at ?Finding Silver Pennies? comes complete with a tutorial on the DIY shiplap walls and beadboard ceiling! They purchased a pre built shed for this project, then totally customized the inside. They even gave it it?s own gravel patio!

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