We are leaving summer behind and the approach of fall means we are thinking about the autumn cleanup in preparation for winter. In the meantime we can enjoy the last of the warm weather and enjoy the late blooming perennials. This article by Charlotte Albers which I found on the Houzz website has some great tips for this season.

September is my favorite time of year without a doubt. Gardens everywhere have matured and are spilling out onto sidewalks and over fences, and are generally looking very lush and abundant with eye-popping annuals, textural grasses and herbs. Weekly visits to the farmer’s market are a delight, as there’s just so much to look at and to purchase.
There’s also a lot to do to keep things under control and looking their best. My garden carts are indispensable as I begin the work of cutting back perennials, adding to the compost pile and hauling loads to the back corner of the yard.
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