Roses are said to be the most popular flower in the United States. It’s not surprising really when you consider how many different types and varieties of rose we have. Every year specialist rose breeders bring out new varieties. Choosing roses to plant in your garden can be a confusing task. Not only do you have to consider the color and whether or not it is scented, you also have to choose the right type for your situation. I found this article over at the Garden Lovers Club which describes the different rose types and explains how they should be used.

Roses are the most popular flower in the United States. In 1986, they were even?named as the nation?s official flower!
With their?widespread familiarity, the casual observer might think?that there?s not much?about roses that?can be learned. The truth is surprisingly complex and nuanced. To start with, there are three major categories of the plant:?wild, old garden, and modern garden roses.
The rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa,?represented by over?100 distinct species. We?re not here to list every single breed just yet; this article is designed to give you a firm grasp on the major categories of this important flower. To that end, we?aim to?break down the major differences between standard and garden roses, and explain what sets wild roses apart.

Wild Roses

These are the ancestors of every cut flower rose you?ll see today.?These varieties are untouched by human interference, growing as naturally as they were millennia ago. Wild roses typically appear as large climbing or shrub-like plants with single flat flowers blooming in spring, with seeds following in autumn. It might be useful to picture these flowers are the wolves to garden roses? dogs. They share many of the same characteristics, but without the precise hybridization and cultivation from generations of human hands, they?re remarkably distinct.
Wild roses are never used as cut flowers, but may be seen growing in many gardens. The plant bodies are often sprawling growths, with the flowers themselves appearing in light sprinklings atop the greenery. Being wild, they are relatively uncouth and less manageable than their hybridized descendants. This is the major reason you won?t see wild roses at your local florist! Still beautiful, the bulbs are not as refined, full, or expressive as garden variety roses.

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Image source: Jerry Kirkhart