See How A Sad Backyard Becomes A Treasured Garden

This is a series of before and after pictures showing how an ordinary backyard has been transformed into something really rather special. What was three years ago just a few shrubs and a crab grass lawn is now a border filled with flowers next to lush green turf. A problem north facing spot is now covered with shade loving plants and raised beds have been installed for the vegetable garden. These before and after pictures are described in an article by Heather which I found on the Hometalk website.

It’s been three years since we took over this garden. I think we’re finally “done.” It’s been a lot of work to get it to this stage.
gardening backyard before after, gardening
It’s hard to remember the garden looking like this when we first moved in. Pretty sad even though there were a few large shrubs to work with. And what little lawn we had was mostly crab grass.
gardening backyard before after, gardening
Here’s the same border today. Filled with hosta, irises, violets, day lilies and heucheras. We expanded the beds, added yards and yards of top soil and worked on the grass.
gardening backyard before after, gardening
The north side of the yard is a shade garden where nothing grew except a few scilla before the maple trees filled out.
gardening backyard before after, gardeningNow we have a gorgeous shade garden complete with a tranquility fountain which isn’t installed in this photo taken in the spring.
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