If you were the owner of a favorite elm tree that was infected with Dutch Elm Disease you would have to reconcile yourself to the fact that the tree would die and most likely have to be cut down. When this happened to a couple from Wisconsin they decided to keep the trunk and main branches and then build a treehouse on top. But not just any old treehouse with a platform and maybe a roof of sorts, but the amazing structure shown in the picture above. To find out how they did it read the article below which I found on the Wimp website.

As the weather starts to get warmer again, a lot of people are starting to feel that itch to get outside and maybe do a little work on their yards. It’s time to get planting, watering, pruning, and trimming if you want your garden to resemble the vision you have in your head. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard with a large tree or two, that’s even better. As a kid, I lived in a house with an almond tree and a huge cherry tree in the backyard, so I can tell you first hand that nothing beats sitting under the shade of your own tree in the summertime.
Instead of planting a garden or doing traditional landscaping, Theresa and David, a couple from Wisconsin, had a different idea. They were sitting in their backyard one say and looking out over their property when they noticed that their favorite elm tree in the center of the yard was starting to die of Dutch Elm Disease. The branches of the tree were dying off one by one, but luckily, the trunk and a lot of the larger branches were still solid. After removing the dead branches, they were left with a giant stump with limbs extending up to the sky. It wasn’t pretty, but the couple had some special plans for it.

Theresa and David worked with their friends to come up with the perfect designs for their idea.

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