No, this is not about suffering from depression following a desperate losing battle with your weeds or rage at those pesky squirrels that keep on digging up your precious bulbs. It’s all about the color Blue which according to Greg Stack “drives gardeners into a state of euphoria”. Greg points out that the color blue induces a feeling of calm. Blue is also prized because it is the least common color found in flowers.

What is it about the color blue that drives gardeners into a state of euphoria? That magical elusive flower color is one that is sought out and also almost held to a different standard, said Greg Stack, U of I Extension horticulturist.
?If you look at the color blue from a psychological standpoint, blue brings to mind a feeling of calm and serene moments,? said Stack. ?It is thought of as a peaceful, relaxing color and when used in the garden, gives the garden the perception of added depth.?
Blue is also one of the least common colors found in flowers. Or is it? If you?re looking for that true blue rose or daylily, it?s going to be a while, if ever, before any of those show up. But if you want to include blue flowers in your garden now, there are plenty to choose from.
While many flowers are described as ?blue,? they often are really some shade of purpleviolet or red-blue or magenta. And there are plenty of people who will debate long and hard that the ?blue? that is there is not really blue. But that, as one would say, is in the eye of the beholder. So, when you are on your quest to gather up some ?true blue? flowers for you garden, know that there are really a number of good choices to pick from.
?With annuals we can start with ageratum,” he said.
?High Tide Blue? and ?Blue Hawaii? are two that will grow to eight to 12 inches tall and are great for full sun. They also draw butterflies. Another excellent dependable annual to put on your list is angelonia. ?Angie Blue?, ?Angelface Blue? and ?Archangel Blue? will provide snapdragon-like flowers in blue shades continuously all summer. Growing to 12-18 inches tall they prefer full sun.
For something different try Evolvulus ?Blue Daze.? These low growing plants are good for full sun and offer contrasting gray-green foliage.

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