Red, White And Blue Flowers For The Fourth Of July

For a novel way to celebrate the Fourth of July plant a container with red, white and blue flowers to represent the Stars and Stripes. In the article quoted below you will find three of each color starting with the white Shasta Daisy, a blue Larkspur and, of course, a red Rose. I came across this list of patriotic flowers on the Birds and Blooms website.

Salute the red, white, and blue with a garden fit for the Fourth of July. Keep things simple and fill your favorite planter or pot with a display of flashy blossoms. Or go all out with a tribute of flowerbeds that match the flag with red, white, and blue flowers. We explain why we picked each one of these plants for our list of patriotic red, white, and blue flowers, and include links, so you can buy each one from suppliers. Ka-bloom!

Becky shasta daisy


leucanthemum x superbum (Chrysanthemum x Superbum), Zones 5 to 9

Sturdy enough to survive a heavy rainstorm but light enough to give your landscape a delicate look, this lacy white perennial is popular for good reason. It?s an easygoing plant that soaks up full sun and attracts plenty of butterflies from summer to fall.

Why we love it: Becky shasta daisies look good in nearly any flower arrangement, and they handle the hot humid weather in the South and the North?s cold temperatures.

Dasante Blue larkspur

Proven Winners

Delphinium elatum, Zones 5 to 8

Brighten up your yard with tall stalks clustered with indigo blooms. This perennial makes its flashy entrance in early summer, and deadheading keeps the color coming. Plus, bees and butterflies love its sweet nectar. Just be careful when furry friends are around?this plant, particularly the sprouts, is toxic to pets.

Why we love it: Freshly cut flowers are a warm weather must-have, and Dasante Blue larkspur is the perfect candidate. Grab your shears and snip a few stems to bring a little beauty to your favorite cool yet bright spot in the house.

Caramba shrub rose


Rosa x Tanabamar, Zones 5 to 9

Butterflies love to visit these bold flowers that bloom all season. This compact shrub is heavy with clusters of round red roses with creamy yellow centers. Line a walkway or path with shrub roses, or use them as pops of color against a white picket fence.

Why we love it: These delicate roses may look fragile, but don?t be fooled. They?re highly disease- and pest-resistant?tough yet pretty customers.

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Feature photo: Ball Horticultural for Monrovia