How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree Into Edible Mushrooms

The holiday would be unthinkable without the traditional Christmas tree, but equally after those few days are over we rush to dispose of what has now become an unwanted nuisance. Of course there are various different ways to recycle the tree, but this is the most unusual that I have come across. In her article which I found on the Garden Collage Magazine website Molly Beauchemin explains how to use your old tree to grow edible mushrooms.

Each year, approximately 25 to 30 million Americans purchase real Christmas trees from nurseries, tree farms, and (let?s face it) Home Depots across the country. But what happens to all of these prematurely-martyred trees once Christmas is over?
If you?re like my family, you probably keep the Christmas tree around through the New Year (and maybe even a few weeks into January!) to keep the holiday #vibes going and to make the tree?s sacrifice worth it? but most people just check their tree to the curb as soon as December 26 rolls around.
Interested in recycling your old tree and turning it into food? Us, too.

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Feature photo: Johnnie Walker/Flickr