Raised Beds are the Best Idea Since Sliced Bread

Raised Beds are the Best Idea Since Sliced Bread

Every article you read about raised beds gives the impression that this is the best way to grow vegetables and so this is the method that everyone should adopt. There are certainly many good reasons for growing plants in a raised bed, but there is a contrary view which is rarely heard. In the article quoted below which I found on the Gardening Know How website Amy Grant and Teo Spengler debate the pros and cons of raised bed gardening.

What are the reasons to use raised beds and why should you in the first place? So much is written these days about raised bed gardening that you might think the practice incorporates new growing techniques. But, in fact, gardening in raised beds simply means planting veggies in an area of soil raised higher than ground level. Like every other garden system, the raised bed system has some positives and some negatives. You want to understand both sides of the debate before you make any decisions. Read on for a discussion of the pros and cons of raised bed gardening.

Pros of Using Raised Beds

Amy?s viewpoint: A raised garden bed is a beautiful thing. Yes, there are some naysayers out there, but there are literally many advantages to using raised beds.
Of the many benefits of raised bed gardening includes how they speak to the neat freak in many of us. If you like things bordering on obsessively neat, then one of the huge pros of using raised beds is the ability to have more control over the location of the garden and how it looks. They can be used everywhere ? on steep slopes where gardening would otherwise be impossible, in parking lots or other urban areas. In fact, many community gardens wouldn?t be the peaceful places they are without the use of raised beds. A raised bed clearly defines one plot from another and reduces inadvertent trampling of plants.

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