Quick And Easy Ways To Create Quirky Pumpkin Characters

Quick And Easy Ways To Create Quirky Pumpkin Characters

If you are still wondering what to do with all those pumpkins here is a how to guide on creating fun jack-o-lantern characters without having to carve the pumpkin. This makes the process both easier and quicker with the added advantage that the pumpkin will last longer if it has not been carved. This how to guide is by Melissa Will and comes from her Empress of Dirt website.

Halloween and autumn pumpkin carving is a fine, old tradition with its own rewards but if you don?t want to spend a lot of time (or money), there?s plenty of ways to get great results in minutes without touching a knife or pumpkin guts. Plus, uncarved pumpkins last a lot longer, of course.
DIY no-carving required jack-o-lantern pumpkins
These ideas focus on creating a real (not plastic) pumpkin with a face, in a quick and frugal way,?but you could adapt them for anything you like, of course. The goal is fun, right?
Plus, the great news is, you probably already have exactly what you need both to create the face and attach everything together. Quickly.
Fast & Creative Pumpkin Decorating Tips (No Carving)

1. Start with A Pumpkin?Or Not

If you?re lucky, you?ll have choices for colours?(orange, white, striped, variegated) and sizes (from mini to jumbo). You can also spray paint them for whatever effect you want. I prefer them in their natural state.
Look for pumpkins?with the stems still attached. Those make excellent noses and hair.
DIY no-carving required jack-o-lantern pumpkins
Other options include squashes,?gourds, watermelon. Anything with the size, colour, and texture you want. Check the produce section of your grocery store. See what talks to you. Just don?t let anyone see you talk back.

2. Let Your Supplies Give You Ideas

I?m a big fan of making use of things I have on hand. Seriously, 99% of what we own is rarely ever used so why not use stuff?here?
Shop in your own home and see what grabs you. I?ve provided lots of ideas below.

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