Plant Hyacinths For Spring Color And Fragrance

Plant Hyacinths For Spring Color And Fragrance

When choosing spring flowering bulbs hyacinths should always be included. Apart from their wide range of colors all the way from white to dark purple hyacinths produce a strong sweet fragrance which few other spring flowering bulbs possess. For some useful tips and recommendations of the best varieties read this article by Marianne Lipanovich which I found on the Houzz website.

The familiar Dutch hyacinth hybrids, derived from Hyacinthus orientalis, are known for their plump flower spikes filled with single or double blooms in shades of white, peach, yellow, orange, pink, salmon, red, blue, lavender and purple, as well as their sweet, strong fragrance that fills an early-spring garden.
Roman or French hyacinths (H. o. albulus) are less well-known but worth taking a look at; they are slightly smaller and bloom even earlier, with multiple stalks filled with white, pink or blue flowers. These are a good choice for warm-winter climates. And since both are easy to care for and relatively problem-free, you really can?t go wrong.

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