Plant Dahlias Now For Midsummer Color

Plant Dahlias Now For Midsummer Color

From the smallest pom-poms to massive dinner plate monsters dahlias are some of the most rewarding flowers you can grow. Apart from their variety of shapes and size dahlias come in a wide range of colors to suit every situation. And they are easy to grow. What more could you ask for? This article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found over on the Houzz website tells you all you need to know about growing these attractive flowers.

Easy to grow and with a rainbow of colors to choose from, dahlias are some of the most widely grown garden flowers. If you?ve never grown them before, you?re in for a treat. Starting from humble, potato-like tubers stuck into the ground in spring, dahlias grow ? as if by magic ? into lush plants covered in luxurious flowers within a few months.
Check out our step-by-step planting guide below, including tips for how to get the most flowers per plant in a home garden and how to extend your flowering season up until the first frost in fall.
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