Even if you have no garden it is possible to grow cucumbers in a container. While cucumbers are not ideally suited for growing in containers you can achieve good results if you pick the right variety. I found this article over at the Gardening Channel which takes you through the choice of varieties and the type of container you will need. Then there is advice on the soil mix and how to plant the seeds.

No ground for growing? You can still pick fresh cucumbers for your salad. Cucumber vines may get tangled and unruly in containers, but other than that cukes are well suited to container growing.

Cucumber Varieties for Containers

Container gardeners have given the thumbs up to several different cucumber varieties, including: Sweet Success, Suyo, Salad Bush, Bush Slicer, Burpless, Liberty, Early Pik, Salty and Crispy.

Proper Containers to Use When Planting Cucumbers

Cucumbers have deep root systems, so they need containers that are at least 16-inches deep. The bigger the better; experts say an extra two inches in depth can double your harvest.
A pot that is 20 inches in diameter is large enough to grow four to six cucumber plants. You can grow two or three plants in a five-gallon pail or one bush type cuke in a deep 10-inch pot. A rectangular planter box or window box is perfect for growing cukes, as long as you set up a trellis.

Ideal Planting Mix to Use When Planting Cucumbers in Containers

Fill your container three-quarters full with a high quality, well drained soil mix. Garden soil is heavy, slow to drain, and may contain insect and disease pests, so don?t rely on it completely.

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