Perennial Plants And Shrubs For Year Round Interest

Perennial Plants And Shrubs For Year Round Interest

Read on below to discover more ways to use foliage plants and shrubs to add extra interest to the garden.

Mixing garden shrubs and plants for pops?of color

One easy way to add contrast and color into your perennial gardens is by mixing perennial plants and shrubs of different heights and shapes.?Large shrubs make great backdrops for smaller plants and shrubs, and make it easy to create a layered effect.?Create lots of layers by pairing full sized shrubs with dwarf shrubs, perennial plants and colorful ground covers. An?evergreen shrub might not add exciting color to the garden, but it can add a dramatic contrast to perennial plants with contrasting colors.

Colorful shrubs for?height and texture

Barberry shrubs make a wonderful addition to any garden, and look gorgeous throughout the entire year. I like to mix the red barberry shrubs with the yellow ones, which creates a fantastic contrast. Plus they get bright red berries in the late fall, which add bright pops of red to?the winter garden.

Barberry shrubs for a foliage garden

Barberry shrubs for a foliage garden

Some shrubs have green foliage and red stems like this hydrangea. Red twig dogwood shrubs are also a great choice for adding extra color, and they make a great anchor or background plant in the garden. The red stems add color to the garden even after the leaves drop from the plant.

Red twig hydrangea shrub

Red twig hydrangea shrub adds lovely contrast

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