It’s just amazing what you can do with a load of old junk. Discarded household items mixed up with rusty car parts, bricks, chunks of wood and strips of hammered tin are all included in this remarkable garden. What sounds like an ugly junkyard is transformed by clever design and a profusion of colorful flowers.? I came across this on the Organized Clutter website.

I have shared my sister in law’s awesome gardens before on my blog. ?She is a garden junk artist, with a very green thumb. ?If you took the Yard of Flowers 2013 Garden Tour, you will likely remember this fun old rusty gear.
The Best Garden Junk Path
It’s always on one end of a fun garden path in my favorite garden in my sister in law’s yard. ?Can you tell it has changed since last year? ?No tin in the path this year. It’s back to bricks and rocks, each one strategically placed.


The Best Garden Junk Path
Plants and junk intermingled with ease!
Annuals, Perennials & Junk
Beauty and interest at every turn!
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