Growing plants in containers has always been an attractive proposition for a number of reasons. You can place the planters so they are in sun or shade as required and move them around as different flowers bloom and fade. But to create something special you need to do more than “throwing a geranium into an old boot” as Conal Gallagher describes it in his article which I found on the Moss and Green website.

Those lacking a green thumb – or a garden – ?share one critical thing in common with those more gifted in these regards: the possibility of coaxing something beautiful out of a pretty pot.?Container gardening can be done by ?almost anyone because it doesn’t require the physical effort required to grow plants in beds. And you can usually find enough sun or shade somewhere to grow the plants you cherish.
Don’t be fooled, this is no longer a matter of throwing a geranium into an old boot. Today, it’s about being original and creative, so don’t be afraid to look beyond basic terracotta and plastic pots to more unusual, quirky items.?Many people are afraid to deal with container gardening. ?They think it will be ?too difficult or too expensive. ?On the contrary, it is actually very easy and the results can be breathtaking.

Basic Requirements

What constitutes the ideal container? Firstly, it must be attractive, even if it is not an object of art and it ?should be strong and durable and able to resist extreme temperatures. This is especially true of the large sizes, which usually remain outdoors all year around.The ideal container must be sturdy enough to hold a large amount of soil. It should have adequate ?drainage facilities through holes at the bottom.
It must not rust, at least in a single season, and it should have a wide enough base to rest firmly wherever placed. Besides, it ought to be heavy enough to withstand average winds. In stormy weather, movable containers can be shifted to temporary safety. All of these things should be factored in when you are coming up with your container gardening ideas.
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