More Than Mums For Fall Container Gardens

More Than Mums For Fall Container Gardens

Naturally you cannot exclude mums from a list of flowers that bloom at this season and are ideal for growing in containers. But mums are just one of the fourteen flowers described below that can be popped into planters to provide a burst of autumnal color in the garden. I came across this list of fall flowers for pots on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Not only the mums, but there are also other fall flowers for containers that you can grow for a great show of colors in autumn!

1. Mums

Colorful mums define the fall. They?re one of the most popular flowers in the world and available in so many colors. Growing them in containers is also super easy, and they grow in almost every climate. Both the perennial and annual mums are available. Learn more about growing mums?here!

2. Goldenrod

USDA Zones: 4-9
Goldenrod blooms in late summer to fall. This cheery plant can be grown easily in containers and goes along well with ferns and ornamental grasses and other fall flowers.

3. Stonecrop (Sedum sp.)

USDA Zones: 4-10
A gorgeous, late-blooming succulent, stonecrop is a tough little cookie that will bowl you over with its tolerance to extremes. It can last through frosts, full sun and strong winds with the ease of an iron shield! However, hot temperatures, humidity, and moderate moisture are deemed as the perfect weather condition for this perennial.

See more at Balcony Garden Web

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