I have posted before about ways to attract butterflies to your garden, but this is concerned specifically with Monarchs which have been under pressure over recent years. A Monarch Waystation is a piece of land managed in a way to provide food and shelter to these butterflies. While you can do this on an informal basis there are advantages in registering your garden as a certified Monarch Waystation. This article by Jenny from the American Meadows Blog explains how you can follow her example.

This year, I’ve registered my garden as a certified Monarch Waystation, through This means that my garden has met the criteria for providing food, shelter, and breeding grounds for Monarch butterflies and that my gardening practices have proven sustainable enough to continue supporting Monarchs into the future.
I’m pretty excited about this. Read on to find out how you can do the same!

Planning Your Monarch Waystation

A Monarch Waystation has to meet several criteria in order to be registered, but luckily for small-space gardens, size is not a very big hurdle. While your Monarch plants must be sited in plenty of sunlight (which butterflies thrive on) the overall size of your plantings need only be 100 square feet total.

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