The purpose of this simple project could be described as “to kill two birds with one stone”, but that would be entirely inappropriate. This is a dual purpose wreath designed in part as a decoration and also to feed the birds in your garden. You take an evergreen wreath and add treats for the birds. I found an article by Barb Rosen over at Our Fair Field Home and Garden website which contains the instructions.

Want to decorate naturally for the holidays and feed the birds too? Mt Cuba Center held a wonderful workshop on “Making Natural Holiday Wreaths Birds Will Love” and my friend and I were two of the happy participants. Under the tutelage of Donna Wiley and Bev Kostek we all created our own Natural Holiday Bird Wreaths. Although our materials were assembled beforehand for us,this is a project you could easily do at home.
Use a pre-made evergreen wreath as the base and add on treats for the birds. Decorative edible materials can be a variety of suet ornaments, berries (Holly, winterberry, etc), dried and fresh fruits (cranberries, apricots, apples, oranges, raisins, etc), seed heads from coneflowers and other perennials, popcorn, nuts and pinecones. Did you know you can also make suet with peanut butter? Here’s my friend, The Empress of Dirt’s own secret recipe: UnSuet-Suet Recipe.

Read the rest at Our Fair Field Home and Garden which is also the source of the image.