How to Make a DIY Bubble Fountain

The addition of a fountain creates an extra dimension to a garden. The sound of gently splashing water adds to the relaxing atmosphere. While there are many different fountain designs that you can buy, a bubble fountain is relatively easy to make using one or two suitably shaped containers. I found these instructions on the Top Dreamer website.

Fountains are a nice decoration for gardens. And the most fun part is that you can make one yourself. Knowing that you have made such a wonderful decor will give you that feeling of pleasure. And today I will show you how to do it. Making a fountain is not such a difficult process. Follow the steps below and you will have your masterpiece done in no-time. This amazing water feature will fit perfectly in any garden, as it is small and compact. DIY bubble fountain is a thing you can make so easy!

DIY Bubble Fountain Is Fascinating Garden Decor That Will Amaze Everyone
This photo clearly shows how you can do your water feature easily. You will need three pots, one inside another. Or, you can use one larger pot. This example shows how you can make a fountain with layers. Stack the pots like in the picture. it is very important to fill it with rocks. First put some large ones. Then, fill the rest with little pebbles. They are added for decoration, so choose the best looking ones. Despite, they will hold it in place. This one has a pump power cord hidden inside.

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