Well depending on your zone it may not yet be Spring, but you can enjoy these stunning pictures of magnolia trees in full flower in California. As Saxon Holt explains in his article what the rest of us call winter, Californians with their unique climate refer to as Spring. I came across his article on the Gardening Gone Wild website.

The deciduous magnolia trees have started their bloom here in California.
The calendar says it is winter, so I suppose we must call them winter flowering trees, but for those of us who garden in California, the season most of the world?calls winter, we call spring. This is a summer-dry climate which means winter-wet, and when the rains come, as they have this year, the earth comes alive as soon as the rains start.
And it sure feels like spring when the deciduous trees start the flower. The early almonds and cherries are flowering, and?the magnificent magnolias at the San Francisco Botanical Garden have been blooming for weeks, and are now at their height.
Magnolia sprengeri v. 'Diva', flowering deciduous Claret Cup tree in San Francisco Botanical Garden
And they are magnificent and have?been a signature collection of the garden since it was started and known as Strybing Arboretum. The older trees dominate parts of the garden and this marvel?is Magnolia campbellii ?Strybing White?.
Magnolia campbellii 'Strybing White' flowering deciduous tree in San Francisco Botanical Garden with Magnolia doltsopa in foreground
?Strybing White? was chosen as a cultivar of M. campbellii because of the way the lower petals fold back.
Magnolia flowers

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