Ladybugs are perhaps the best pest controllers you can have in your garden. Organic gardeners love them. You can dispense with pesticides and chemical sprays and let the friendly ladybugs do the job for you. Ladybugs will attack aphids and other insects to keep your garden pest free. But you need to attract them to your garden in the first place and you did this by planting the correct flowers. I found this list of 26 plants that attract ladybugs on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Ladybugs are the symbol of organic gardening and are the most beloved insects of gardeners and farmers who do not use pesticides.
Ladybugs are friendly?insects they feed mainly on aphids, scales and their eggs, they also eat mealybugs and other parasitic pests like white flies.
In their life cycle it is calculated that they can feed on more than 5,000 prey. Lady bugs also eat pollen of a few plants so if you want to attract them in your garden, these plants are most recommended.?Here we?ve listed 26 plants that attract ladybugs in the garden and you can grow a few of these plants to lure them in abundance.
1. Garlic

Garlic flowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects like ladybugs. Besides this garlic repels pests and insects like flies and mosquitoes. Garlic is easy to cultivate and not a fussy plant.
2. Geranium

Ladybugs are attracted towards geranium. It is one of the most hardy, low maintenance and appreciated plant that you should grow in your garden. Scented geranium also repels away mosquitoes and other bothering insects and attracts moths and butterflies.
3. Dill

This feathery leaf herb is not only used to flavor the recipes but also to attract pollinators and ladybugs. When grown with tomatoes, dill repels tomato hornworms. You can grow dill with vegetables and flowers. If growing in containers, remember to grow dill in deep pot as it forms long roots.

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