The rose is described as the queen of flowers and is generally reckoned to be the most popular of the flowering garden plants. Roses are loved for their velvet soft petals and some for their delightful fragrant scent. The blooms range in color from pure white to dark shades approaching black, but with one exception. You will not find a true blue rose that has been grown naturally as Jonathan Leger explains in his article which I found on the Cabbage Roses website.

Despite my unabashed fondness of cabbage roses, my favorite color is blue.?Deep, rich shades of blue. So naturally I find blue roses very appealing.
These flowers have a mythic, mystical quality because they don?t exist in nature. Roses don?t have the blue pigment necessary to create a blue bloom.?They are created by dying white or cream colored roses. So if you were hoping to find some blue rose seeds?or cuttings to plant in your garden, I apologize.
A couple of years ago a variety of ?blue? rose was produced by genetically modifying?a rose to?synthesize?delphinidin (the?pigment found in blue flowers).?The result is called a ?blue rose?, but is, in fact, more lilac than blue. Quite frankly it looks like a very light shade of purple rose ? not really blue at all.

What do they mean?

Due to their rare and ?unnatural? coloring, blue roses represent mystery and intrigue. Leave a blue rose at the door of the person you admire and you?re bound to spark some serious social media buzz among their friends!
This flower also symbolizes?discretion, secrecy, and the mystery of new beginnings or possibilities.
Also because they can?t be found in nature, blue roses have a surreal quality, and are often used to symbolize people, situations or things that cannot be fully grasped or understood. That includes?the impossible or unattainable.
Blue Rose With Hearts
Some cultures take the significance of the flower so seriously they claim??the possessor?will have their wishes granted.

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