The Victorians were great enthusiasts for rock gardens and many of their original creations are still to be found in gardens and public parks today. A rock garden is either built on a slope or on an artificial mound. The rocks are arranged with pockets of soil in between in which flowers can be planted. I came across an article by Ilona at the Hubpages website which has some great pictures as well as information on building a rock garden.

Why Do You Want A Rock Garden?

Answering this question will be closely followed by considering the basic sources you have to begin with.
  • …Already have a garden?
  • …Love a rock garden, but don’t have a yard?
  • …Wish for a complete rockery?
  • …Interested in just a small feature to enjoy?

It isn’t hard to have a rock garden if that has been a dream of yours.

Consider This

The amount of land you have to work with is one consideration, and whether rocks are a natural part of the landscape.
The type of soil, its pH and texture, as well as drainage will be important to rock plants.
The kind of rocks available to you (or which you wish to use) rate some thought.

Start Planning

Write down your answers to the above questions, list your desired rock garden size and requirements such as budget limitations. Will you do construction yourself, or hire professional help?
Now you can start the planning phase, which is quite a bit of fun, really. It will also save mistakes and money spent.
Sometimes we have real barriers to wishes and dreams for a garden, even as basic as this:

Problem: I don’t have a yard

Solution: The feeling of a garden could be attained with a trough garden. You can make your own trough with a material called hypertufa. Once you have the container, it can be filled with gravel, rocks, and rock plants, making a small, but satisfactory rock garden feature for your balcony or patio.

See more at Hubpages
Image source: mrmac04


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