While we plant our gardens for pleasure and to grow food they can also provide a third function namely home security. The way a garden is designed can either encourage or deter an unwelcome visitor. I found an article on the Backyard Gardening blog which considers this aspect of garden design and suggests various ways that you can improve your home security.

Your landscape can be beautiful, your landscape can feed you, but your landscape can also protect you. Much like a well trained dog can be both a friend and a security system, your yard and garden can serve double duty too.
First Do No Harm
The first step to deterring burglars and other miscreants with your landscaping is to make sure you?re not doing anything to encourage them. Large shrubs or bushes that hide your windows or doors, allowing a burglar to work on them out of view, are a big no-no.
You should also keep a well maintained yard, believe it or not, a well maintained yard is a deterrent, criminals see a well maintained yard and think that you obviously take pride in ownership and are more likely to have well constructed locks or other security devices.
Fencing your yard is also a good idea, however make sure you?re not giving any bad guys a boost. So you have a 6 ft fence surrounding your back yard, do you have a grill, trash can, or raised planter right by the fence providing the would be interloper a leg up? If so, move it. Otherwise you?re doing the equivalent of leaving a ladder propped up against your house under a window (also, never leave ladders out, that is just asking for trouble).
So clean your yard, don?t give thieves concealment, and don?t leave any tools out they might be able to use to climb in or over your defenses.

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