If the idea of attracting hummingbirds to your garden appeals to you then I have found some tips on what you can do to entice them in. It’s basically a matter of growing the right sort of plants and providing areas of shade and water for drinking. I found this article over at Mamaknows which starts with some interesting facts before giving advice on how to attract the birds.

These little creatures were first discovered by Spanish explorers who called them ?joyas voladoras? ? translation: ?flying jewels?. They are really something else ? beautiful to watch and admire. But they are a whole lot more than just one of nature?s wonders. Their physical capabilities are truly amazing. They can migrate at least 2000 miles from their breeding grounds to their wintering grounds. And can you believe that hummingbird can actually cross the Gulf of Mexico? If you think about it, it is astounding, that something that small can actually fly 500 miles without rest.
Here are a few interesting facts about these beautiful birds and some of their most common species:

  • If you were to compare hummingbird?s energy to humans, you would learn that a hovering hummingbird has an energy output per unit weight ten times that of a person running 9 miles per hour. If a person was to do the same amount of work per unit of weight, he or she would expend 40 horsepower.
  • Hummingbirds are like bees ? they carry pollen from one plant to another while they are feeding. And one single bird can visit 1000 ? 2000 blossoms in a day.

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